..that eavesdrops, follows cars and pedestrians, creates fake profiles daily on soundcloud, spams, trolls in twitter/wordpress/facebook/tumblr/soundcloud/etc.. and advertises based on stalked things? Feels like they are just trying to drive people insane, they try to create more violence and murders? At least in Finland (15 years history of eavesdropping in Rovaniemi, was targeted in Helsinki too), and now stalkers murder people too? Poisoning, radiating, youre dead and buried soon, etc almost every day…

If they want to murder me, they probably do it, cant fight against their new direct energy weapons, whatever cowardish methods they are using. Is that what they call gangstalking? Army of cowards killing one man? I call them fucking cowards and pussies! At least i have something in common with Donald Trump, we are both eavesdropped.

ps. Soundcloud trolls were so predictable, when stopped using soundcloud they target my emails with daily eavesdropspam.


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