dunno if all on this page is true, but theres similar symptoms ive been going thru in Helsinki and now in Rovaniemi, i feel like im radiated every time walking in the streets, shopping grocery or driving a car, some pervert stalkers seem to follow me and know me even if i dont know them, for example son of a local police chief was following moms car twice during a one day last summer, he even recogniced moms car when i was sitting inside the car. They probably radiated dad too, if they did they killed him (at least caused his cancer to spread faster with radiation), his car is a radiating death trap, measured with emf meter, i cant drive longer distances with it, if i do i feel like someones trying to kill me.

And all this because i dare to write about police and security corruption? If so they are fucking cowards, and they are killing people cowardly with radiation.

ps. and spammers/advertisers always know what kinda symptoms i have, if its heart pains, back pains, dizzyness, whatever, spamming cowards fucking know it, now they hint i have cancer, maybe they are right, targeted radiation has been going on for years.

ps2. if government knows about this, they are murderers.


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